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Departmental Hiring Process

The first step to begin the hiring process is to consult with the Staff Human Resources Employment Services section to discuss employment needs. Then, in HireTouch, the unit must submit an Employee Requisition (ER) and a Hiring Request form, if needed. Both forms go to Staff HR’s Classification & Salary Administration section first. Upon receiving the approved ER form from Classification & Salary Administration, Employment Services will follow these general steps:

  1. Evaluate whether job posting is appropriate.
  2. Determine whether applicants requesting the exam meet the minimum qualifications for the job title.
  3. Schedule and administer the exam.
  4. Refer candidates from the employment register for interviews, according to Civil Service statute and rules.
  5. Employing unit conducts interviews and selects the candidate to be hired from among those referred.
  6. Hiring unit contacts Staff Human Resources Employment Services to discuss the salary to be offered. Salary must be approved by Staff Human Resources before a contingent offer can be made.
  7. Hiring unit makes a written, contingent offer to the candidate.
  8. Hiring unit receives a signed, contingent offer letter from the candidate and uploads the letter to HireTouch while submitting a background check request form.
  9. When the hiring unit receives notification that the background check is complete, they instruct the candidate to contact Staff Human Resources to schedule any applicable pre-employment testing and a Civil Service New Hire Orientation, prior to starting work.
  10. Unit returns information to Employment Services:


Instructions for submitting an Employee Requisition and Hiring Request form (PDF)
Job titles requiring criminal background check
Job titles requiring pre-employment testing
Background Checks