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Employment & Testing

The Employment & Testing section recruits, interviews, determines qualifications of candidates, and administers examinations as governed by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS). Staff assist campus units in filling vacant positions and employees in advancing their University careers. This section also oversees reductions in the labor force.

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  • review applicants' credentials to determine eligibility for Civil Service testing
  • administer all Civil Service exams
  • establish and maintain employment registers for all job classifications
  • select and refer eligible candidates to vacant positions
  • coordinate the background investigation process
  • establish training programs to support human resources initiatives and campus diversity
  • counsel employees seeking promotional opportunities
  • conduct and participate in internal and external recruitment activities
  • participate in the revision of Civil Service examinations
  • coordinate advertising campaigns
  • coordinate the position elimination process


Contact Information

Phone: (217) 333-2137
Fax: (217) 244-7304

Title Name E-mail
Deputy Director Alicia Lowery amlowery@illinois.edu
Senior Manager Chris Carr clcarr@illinois.edu
Manager Jacquelyn Flowers flowersj@illinois.edu
   Clerical Jacquelyn Flowers flowersj@illinois.edu
Human Resource Coordinators
   Service LaSonia McBride lmcbride@illinois.edu
   Professional/Technical Stephanie Swearingen sswearin@illinois.edu
   Crafts & Trades
   Cooperative Extension
Rafael Cañas rcanas@illinois.edu
Human Resource Representatives
   Clerical Bobbie Clegg bjclegg@illinois.edu
   Service Villy Bangsenthong vbangsen@illinois.edu
Human Resource Representative Ryan Hall rhall2@illinois.edu
Systems/New Hire Becky Janowski rjanowsk@illinois.edu
Testing Coordinator Gretchen Hayes ghayes@illinois.edu
Office Support Specialist Richard Abel abel@illinois.edu
Office Support Specialist Jennifer Barnhart jbarnhar@illinois.edu
Office Support Specialist Bradley McDermott bmcdermo@illinois.edu