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Union Dues and Fair Share FAQs

The University recognizes the principle of collective bargaining in respect to staff employees. Under the Illinois Education Labor Relations Act, a bargaining unit (union) may negotiate a Fair Share agreement as part of the labor contract. A Fair Share agreement provides that every person employed in a status position in a classification covered by that bargaining unit must either pay union dues or a fee which represents a fair share of the costs of the services provided by the union. Certain exceptions are made on the basis of religious beliefs (see below). This list of classifications is covered by collective bargaining agreements. All classes listed are covered by Fair Share and union dues provisions except those preceded by one asterisks.

How and when are Dues and Fair Share paid?
You have thirty calendar days from your date of hire to decide whether you wish to join the union and pay dues or not join the union and pay Fair Share. If you decide to join the union, a Dues Authorization Card must be completed and turned in to the Payroll Service Center. This card is available from your union representative. At the end of thirty days, deductions will be automatically withheld from your paycheck for dues or Fair Share, depending on the option you have chosen.

What if I have religious objections to union membership and Fair Share?
The law protects the right of non-association of employees based upon bonafide religious tenets or teachings of a church or religious body of which such employees are members. Such employees may be required to pay an amount equal to their proportionate share to a non-religious charitable organization mutually agreed upon by the affected employees and the bargaining unit.

Where do I go with questions about union membership or Fair Share?
For questions about union membership, services provided under Fair Share, or the amount of dues or Fair Share charged by the bargaining unit which represents your classification, contact an officer of the union. If you believe your fee is not being deducted correctly, contact the Payroll Service Center, 265-6363. Questions about University policy regarding dues or Fair Share should be directed to The University Office of Administration and Human Resources, 333-2590.